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I live on the east coast of England in my safe suburban home (cue Clash/Descendents mash up). I have left my 20’s behind and my social circle now contains more people heading out of their 30’s than clinging onto 29. I work for the Corporation & despite my heart telling me to do something more creative, & my head telling me Corpration bad, Independent good, I actually enjoy my work. I have played music in bands since my early teens & music is the recurring dream that I can never quite remember..

I am currently happy loved up & have two great kids who apply sarcasm and abuse on their father – life is looking pretty fine .. so far so good ..

If your cup is only half full/empty, just spit in it a little or tell the person spouting metaphors to pipe down .. 



1. preia - September 13, 2008

its an intreseing story

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