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Pesky Indie Kids .. September 3, 2008

Posted by stagedive in Music, Reviews.
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I kept reading about Vampire Weekend and ignored them. I’d heard all I needed to hear on ‘da radio and they sounded twee and somewhat lacking a USP. I aquired a copy of the self titled album and placed the needle on the iPod – infectious, articulate, upbeat, considered … and lots of other superlatives. It’s one of those great lost arts of making an album better than the sum of it’s parts. The two or three singles that I was familiar with, sounded a bit inane on their own, but put together I am leaping round the continuous repeat button like a sprightly teenager. Well done boys, well done …

I don’t even want to mention Noah & the Whale in this post, they are just too lovable to mention … just when I thought it was safe to listen to the Dennis Wilson re-issue, I get distracted again …