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Safari .. October 10, 2007

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In a journalistic world there are assignments I would pay to be chosen for .. this is one of them;

The same Berlin Trabi tour that we took earlier this Summer and spookily, the same car .. It was indeed like being trapped inside a Lawn Mower ūüôā


Dear David .. October 8, 2007

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People spotting. Lining up in the Security Queue for our flight to Moscow and standing there right in front of us was … David Cameron. He was alone with a short bloke that had to be most likely an aide rather than a Body Guard. He was flying to Berlin. I had just read about his green polocies a few minutes earlier in the check in queue .. spooky ..

He wasn’t provided anything special by the way of treatment, I thought they whisked the VIPs through the side entrance. Despite the ‘Brits Abroad’ mob that all promised to vote for him if he posed for a picture, he could have been any other face in the crowd.

I am not a fan of the Tories, having grown up in Thatcher’s Britain, but I find increasingly that Cameron talks some sense .. not so much that I would vote for him, but good on him for hitting on some green ideas and some equality for single parents and un-married co-habitees ..

I¬†didn’t ask for a picture, but neither did I have a desire to throw something at him – that might follow if he ever¬†ends up in power for 18 years and (further)¬†brings down the NHS ..

Return .. October 8, 2007

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I haven’t had such a long holiday in years and today it feels like someone has sealed me to the seam of my office chair and layed my hands on the keyboard, flicked the on switch but forgot to charge the batteries ..

It is really nice to be home, to see the kids, approach a routine, but I am still in holiday mood, the wind in my hair*, the inabilty to wash for four days and that old russain lady that had a tardis for a food bag that kept delivering us booty ..

Moscow to Hong Kong, largely via land – the best holiday in the whole world ever .. I’ll write some more to remind me where it all was ..

* technically possible after four weeks with no hair clippers!