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More Punk Rock Vicar .. September 12, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I made a Pot of Tea this morning, next thing I know I find myself putting the pot in the fridge .. what, why, where ..
This tells two things about my current psyche ..

  • The teapot suggests that Iam slipping in to middle age. I used to hate it when my Mum would insist on making a pot of tea, because ‘it tastes better’. She would then roll out a pre-war metallic relic that I might die for today, but at the time just looked aged and unclean. The making of a pot of tea is now hip with me and my homies, everyone is doing it! We are all reaching middle age. I get more excited about Tea Shops than Record Shops now! It’s not hip in the bleached jeans sense of teenage angst/confusion, it’s just that our parents were right .. it does taste better.
  • The tea pot in the fridge . I am seeing the first signs of senility. It was about two months ago when I thought I was still young. Once the switch of 35 years hit me I thought that middle age doesn’t appear all that bad, I can still listen to angry punk rock and smile. That phase however seems to have settled down now and the signs of dementure are creeping in – Old Age. Soon I won’t be dribbling due to too much After Shock, it will be a natural early evening state before the late edition of Coronation Street.