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Minor Rebellion .. August 21, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Is it rebellious to not wear ear rings? <rhetorical> I have been wearing earings since the age of 12. At the time it was a skinhead, youth culture, rebellion thing to do, solely as it annoyed your parents and made all the girls at school go ‘Wow, you’ve got your ear pierced’ .. I lightly dined on that for while ..

Over the years I can’t think that I have really ventured much further along the path of rebellion, sure there were opportunities musically and socially, particularly at College and in the back of a transit van, but somehow most seemed a little staid by the tme I got to thinking about hem, and the casualties that I saw along the way, in particular those folks that have the cotton wool sheltered upbringing until Uni and then ‘let it all hang out’ after fresher’s week, is a sight to behold. The nice polite farmer’s daughter that turned into the Coke crazed, tatooed Goth in the space of a fortinght was a particular blur that always raises a wry smile ..

Anyway, I’m wittering and I shouldn’t cos I’m busy doing other stuff, but suffice to say .. I no longer wear ear rings!!! Nowadays it seems that to not wear them is more a badge of honour than doing so.

I feel liberated, I’m not sure if I should, whether it will last, or whether I will be able to find the darn things if I change my mind, but it feels as rebellious not wearing them as it did getting my ears pierced in the first place ..

Ahh the shadows of your thirties can muster up some strange emotions .. let’s hope my Mum’s not annoyed I’m not wearing them anymore 🙂



1. harriet - August 24, 2007

As a minority without ear piercings I find it is quite rebellious – at school it used to be subject to ridicule but not any longer!

2. Danny L. Stewart - January 6, 2013

On Thursday, just as they always do when I’m about to reach breaking point, the clouds parted. I woke to a smiley, happy boy, who no longer demanded to be carried around all day. I got a five hour stretch of sleep that geared me up for the next night’s not-so-good sleep.

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