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Still Game .. July 20, 2007

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I’ve just got through the last series of Still Game on DVD  getting addicted, utterly and hopelessly .. Series 6 started on TV last week too so I had the unadulterated pleasure of catching 7 episodes in one sitting .. Mmmmm ..It is simply the best thing on TV, the Scottish dialect* and inaapropriate language hits the cultural funnybone every time. Greg & Ford have created a comedic niche that has a span of generations .. the grumbling elderlies that aligned with Meldrew, through to the nations youth that have a street corner too few to hang out on, will all find a hook within. In that way it is very similar to the Simpsons, you miss a number of jokes first time around & it’s only on second and third viewing that the depth reveals itself. It’s also great for taking the rise out of social stereotypes and yet positively promoting them at the same time ..

Interestingly for me, I also have two faithfull** friends that sooo remind me of younger versions of Jack & Victor that I’m looking forward to old age with a healthy weight of Scottish ‘Pish’ … Isa, get the kettle on ..

* T can’t see the humour at all .. she can’t even understand the language .. I offered the Babelfish Translator but it didn’t have the Scottish to Canadian option ..

** JC & JEly beware, there are imposters out there..


Face your Fears .. July 3, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.
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63817874_jbse5me5_bird_img_1435.jpg63817874_jbse5me5_bird_img_1435.jpgThere was a dead bird in the garden yesterday. It was laying just outside the window, moist from the rain and obviously freshly delivered from the living, completely untouched by the local moggie.

I hate dead birds ..

Dead birds smell and remind me of primary school. My school had a wood attached to it and there were always dead birds festering in the summer heat with flies and maggots and manky feathers. Dead birds dribble as well .. I don’t expect they mean to, but they always seem to leave behind a form of solidified slush ..

I faced my fears, held my breath and from spade to compost bin in 20 seconds flat. I was proud.