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Wheaten .. June 6, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids, Travel.

A pleasant business trip to Northern Ireland last week, Hogwarts-esque plush hotel, on the coast, just up from the Border in the town of Newcastle. Sitting in the spa overlooking the sunny water, it was a world away from the smog and smoke .. I won the quiz too, impressing a few people with my knowledge of TV Theme tunes & I don’t even watch TV..

Newcastle also has a bakery that boasted the best Wheaten Breadin the whole of Ireland .. I’m not sure how they validate that, but it was pretty fine indulging nonetheless ..

It’s a rare occasion that work and leisure combine these days, I used to work located with my co-workers and miss the camaraderie of that. I think I need to change roles and become a Postman and call in to see people for a cup of tea and chat .. having said that, my Postman is not the happy ‘cup of tea’ type, he is a ‘geezer’ who calls me me ‘boss’ – he would probably be more happy with a Diamond White and an ounce of Charlie ..

Happy Birthday Mum. I cooked for her last night as she was otherwise engaged today. She loved it & we had a really nice evening, although she did take a fair while to blow out the candles & made a wish for ‘More Grandchildren’, to looks agast around the dinner table .. all parties have since recovered ..

Eldest Son is away on a school trip all week. I’m not soppy eyed, but I do really miss him. Reminds me of my school trips – setting off fire crackers in the sea wall at Dieppe and making hay on the back seat of the coach, metaphorically speaking of course .. I’m sure he is having a fine time – the joys of youth ..



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