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This is the Modern World .. May 22, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

Son #2 is only 8. He accompanied me into town last Friday night on a ‘dropping the masses off to get intoxicated’ jaunt. On the way through the Town Centre there were surly looking some bouncers outside a couple of the bars and he asked me, ‘why do they have guards outside a pub?’ .. i answered in the best way I saw how and he accepted that some people cause trouble for no reason and acknowledged that when people drink, they sometimes get violent ..

This led onto quite a reasoned debate and a more alarming perception of a nightclub .. ‘I don’t think I ever want to go to a nightclub, because of all the guns’, he said .. I explained the likelihood of anyone having a gun was remote, that’s the job of the bouncer, and that the well publicised local shootingdoesn’t mean that every club is littered with gun toting drug dealers .. we had a nice chat about it and whilst I wasn’t trying to promote club land, I don’t want him to latch on to one news item and become paranoid.

It is a shame .. Children were still Children when I was his age, these days the masses of information and media mean that kids see and hear so much more at a young age. I think I would be the same. I don’t see him sitting down to watch the news, it’s more a sub-conscious absorption from Internet, TV & Playground – the Playground is especially rife with stories and opinions these days, and now all a kid has to do to find out more is type the new word into Google. What 8 year old kid isn’t inquisitive?

I don’t believe in too much censorship, but you don’t want you kids to miss out on the tooth fairy phase in order to come to terms with Heroin Addiction and the poor working condition in the Town’s Red Light District..

Thankfully both my Children will talk openly about things and haven’t gathered any obvious hang-ups, we all adapt, and if the media is out there, it’s a case of standing on guard to spot the news heading their way and helping out with some rational context. The joys of modern parenthood.



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