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Sunscreen .. May 21, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

PandaI offer some worthwhile advice this time. If you are going to purchase (moderately) fashionable over-sized sunglasses that could have handed down from a Terminator/Roy Orbison hybrid, do not .. repeat .. do not  .. wear them in the extreme sunshine for any length of time .. especially not all day Sunday in the middle of an open field ..

‘Panda Boy Lobster Face’ is what my Son called me, amongst fits of giggles .. It’s a good job I don’t have to face the wrath of the playground today. We ate out last night and T booked two tables, one for me,one for her and the kids .. the waiter was trying to look at me as though there was nothing wrong .. it could be some hideous incurable skin complaint after all .. I think I provided sufficient entertainment for all ..

On a slightly heavier note, I headed to London today. It was all going so well, although I was obviously preparing myself for the adult equivalent of playground piss taking .. no one in my office would have let me out of the room alive, in a respectful manner .. of course .. then the train stops .. I wait, we wait .. and wait .. about an hour later we discover someone is having a worse day .. they had jumped in front of the train in front of us! What a way to start the week. It’s hard to be mad at someone for making the train too late, for you to attend a meeting that in a couple of months time you will have forgotten about – to them, the situation was somewhat more dire.

I had wasted enough time to make it worthless heading into the City, so I turned round and came back home. I had wasted my train fare & was moderatly annoyed for about 30 mins and then joined the meeting by phone. My day returned to schedule with some ease. The person whose life ended at Marks Tey this morning has family members in shock, lives turned upside down, probably, it won’t be quite so smooth running for them .. thoughts to them ..

Solarcaine for the Soul ..



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very good

3. olívia - November 20, 2007

nice… very good

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