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Very Important .. May 15, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I spent a Sunday recovering, not just from excessive alcohol,but more from shock .. shock at having found myself nightclubbing, and not just any nightclub .. <shudder> Liquid no less ..

For those that dont know the Liquid chain, they are largely frequented by the types that are barely out of high school and favour wearing insufficient under garments to keep off the spring chill ..

Why then was I there … well .. a quiet drink out, turned into a rather heavy session. Amongst the quiet gathering was local business man of the year and all round nice bloke, who suggested a trip to the VIP loungeat said establishment, gratis, as though it was the most natural place to finish off the evening .. I had a feeling of trepidation, but you can’t slate a place when you haven’t the evidence to slate .. so research, that was what was needed .. I didn’t even know they had such a thing as a VIP lounge – are there really VIPs in a sleepy Suffolk Town .. maybe Bill Whyman and John Peel’s Wife Sheila .. surely they wouldn’t be there full time??

Ushered past the hoardes like a minor celebrity I expected to be sharing the lounge with overpaid footballers with Cocaine habits*, but it was quite a nice crowd, the drinks were free (if Carlsberg made nightclubs?!) and the people watching was pretty fine.. So, all in all, I gathered sufficient evidence to confirm I don’t want to return, but it was a blast, there was lots of drinking and giggling and despite the hangover, I can stand up, be counted and state that I had a good night out at Liquid ..<splutter> ..

* Unnecessary stereotype based on no real solid evidence ..



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