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Digging .. May 10, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I have never been interested in gardening, even when the fad of TV make-over programmes had Ms Dimmock pendulating across our screens .. I also find it curious that a lot women find Alan Titchmarsh a heart-throb .. however ..

After way too many years of staring out over a sea of weed like super structures, I have eventually got round to improving the view. It is a fantastic feeling. So happy me sits smugly gazing out into the new found urban, well subarban, wilderness ..

The thing that struck me though, was my new found love of digging .. I spent the best part of a whole day digging compost from my local refuse tip and loading into the car .. it was sunny, dirty and macho* & I loved it .. It gave me a (largely false) feeling of achievement and self worth, as if I was in tune with nature, despite having ripped out 30m2 of perfectly good worm habitat and replacing it with shingle :$

I now get the urge to ‘get out in the garden’ and dig at the most surprising times .. I think it is largely hormonal, and will probably pass once I have bought an open topped sports car and suffered depression, but until that happens, I’m spade in hand and smiling ..

* It’s all relative, but it is more macho than hand cream, that’s for sure ..



1. JEly - May 10, 2007

Well get your arse to my place then…. i’ve got lots of spaces in my garden that need digging!!!!!! 😀

2. Ria - May 11, 2007

Tommy Walsh was ladies eye candy!

3. Donna - May 11, 2007

There’s always a spare spade down t’lotty 😉

4. stagedive - May 11, 2007

Digging is sooo yesterday .. I bought some ‘Loppers’ today .. it’s the new black 🙂

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