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BMG, Justin & Me .. April 23, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Music, Reviews.

220px-avrilgfdl.jpgIt’s a small victory, if a victory at all, but the only publishing music contract that I still have is with Complete Music. This was for some songs that I wrote for Ipswich Town FC and the Cherry Red Record that bore their fruit. It’s not lucrative in the Robbie Williams sense of the word and I would be hard pushed to keep myself in Wine Gums from the revenue, but that’s hardly the point ..

The other day I received a letter in the post to say that Sony/BMG had bought up Complete Music, and that all the songs are now owned by BMG publishing .. woo hoo .. BMG is the biggest baddest Music compony going and one that you would run a mile from to retain your false indie credibilities, but I’m no longer Citizen Smith in that department, so the small victory now sees me sharing publishers with Avril Lavigne and Justin Timberlake amongst others .. I can picture it now, they are bound to invite me round for lunch sometime soon .. maybe ..



1. Wast - April 24, 2007

You’ve sold out to the Man, I hope you can sleep at night 😉

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