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Drip Dry .. March 23, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Nerd Alert .. One of the things that bugs me and excites me (unecessarily) in everyday life are hand dryers in public toilets. Some are completely useless. How hard can it be to make a hand dryer – especially if you are a hand dryer company!? It’s a fan and a nozzle after all ..

handdry.jpgI’m not sure when this fascination started, but I can remember spotting Berkeley dryers from the World Dryer Corp as a kid & lingering longer at the design icon & just how well it worked .. Mmmmm .. Is it just me? They were big in the eighties kids, honest .. I managed to obtain one a few years ago and it still makes me grin when I use it ..

Particularly impressed of late though with the Xlerator dryers – they now have these at UK airports and I always try to have two cycles if I can get away with it .. I love the way they make the skin on your hands move like the Six Million Dollar Man .. I think I may be in the market for one of those if Santa is listening ..

Anyway, just this week at my workplace they have ripped out the adeqaute but frankly mediocre dryers and replaced with a shiny new HeatSource model .. and it’s completely shite .. I could dry my hands quicker by waving them around my head or blowing on them. Now the old ones were bad, looked ugly and were ineffective, yet they replace them with an even more worthless counterpart. I work for a big company that has money to spend and yet they buy such crap <sigh> .. fools .. fools ..



1. screwasylum - March 23, 2007

Hahahaha, what a great post Stagedive. But…

“It’s a fan and a nozzle after all ..”

…and a heating element…and screws, of course!

Ya big geek!

2. Ria - March 23, 2007

copy & paste I have no idea about posting pics is it allowed in comments section?

3. stagedive - March 23, 2007

Ria; Haha .. that is brilliant. I might print that and put it somewhere prominent.

SA; A fool such as I to neglect the screws ;o)

4. anon - April 5, 2007

You should check out this website:


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