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Gail .. March 19, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I did a lot this weekend without it really feeling that busy..

Friday night was billed as ‘Batch’s Big Night Out’, or BBNO for the sake of diary shorthand. Batch being good friend with the surname ‘Batchelor’ who gets out on the town once every third lunar landing. It was billed as such, and even had him suggesting we would go clubbing and all .. it would have, could have, been his big night out had he not decided to drive !!

I’m not going to preach the benefits of alcohol here, I am the proud owner of a crate of beer that is fast approaching it’s best before date myself*, but when it’s a night on the town with your three best buddies and you last saw a pub in the previous millennium and you have the offer of a cosy warm bed and tea and toast in the morning, where is the decision making process going wrong?!

We had a great night though. Pizza Express have a new-ish menu and although I couldn’t name all five varieties of mushroom, the Five Mushroom Pizza is definitely the way forward.. Lots of beers in lots of different bars, followed by a curious decision .. out of my hands .. to visit the poorest nightclub in town. A masterstroke though, remarkably. It turned into one of those laugh out loud moments that lasted hours .. literally .. There were some great characters in there for people watching potential .. I’ve also not seen one of my friends look so ‘rabbit in headlights after being run over’ scared at dishing out four blokes names to the amorous attention of a female clubber ever .. ahh .. those are the moments to cherish ..

I also got asked the strangest question on the night bus home .. ‘If Gail Porter came to your door, would you sleep with her?’ .. Hmm .. now lets follow the logic there? .. I was at the time a little bit worse for wear, it was 2 in the morning and I whilst it’s not impossible to think that Gail would like to call in for casual sex, I think the probability is pretty low .. not bad though as 1st chat up lines go ..

It turned out the girl doing the asking had just suffered Alopecia  and it was her first night out on the town. I was completely thrown by her initial line of inquiry, as an aside I think Ms Porter is gorgeous, and I genuinely hadn’t spotted that ‘it’ was a wig – and as she kindly pointed out, it would be great to not have to ever wax her legs or worry about ‘Oral sex stragglers’ .. quite ..

Saturday we went to a wedding party. It was great to see lots of friendly faces I hadn’t seen in ages. The bride did look great and they seemed to have a lovely time – I think this one will definitely last. We all had a good time too .. the band was the only downside .. they were, dare I say it, way too loud .. they were playing curious cover versions, insulting people that weren’t dancing and stopping everyone from talking .. Now I’m all for bands creating a buzz and plying their trade at an appropriate venue of their choice, but when you are playing Bryan Adams covers at a Wedding Party you are not destined to make a claim on deep rooted culture, just do what you are told, play things the folks want to dance/sing to and be nice to everyone .. or just shut it and let us get pissed and talk bollocks .. Am I getting too old for this??

Sunday. Tanya and I cooked for my Mum .. it was Mothers Day after all. She loved it. They are both great .. we watched the Enron Movie last night too. Amazing. Get to it if you haven’t seen it .. it makes you look at all corporations in a new light.. there is so much corruption going on that is so diffused. I hadn’t really grasped the depths it took, I had a perception that it was a few guys at the top, but the lies seem really rooted in the company set up .. who’d be a stock holder ..

I was listening the The Church on my iPod today walking in the Snow near St Paul’s Cathedral .. ahhh .. another week in paradise ..

* I just don’t drink beer at home ok, I’m macho round the house in other ways, like watching footie occasionaly .. honest ..



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