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Almonds & Artichokes .. February 15, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Valentines went really well & I have to say I really got into the cooking part. I hate mess in the kitchen and it bugs me how some people seem to create a mess inversely 120 times proportional to the size of food that results. How does that happen*?! Yesterday was however caution to the wind and I was juggling saucepans and baking trays like a Jamie Oliver on Amphetamines .. which probably isn’t too far from the truth..

Until yesterday I hadn’t even heard of ‘Croustade’, but it worked very well, even though I say so myself and whilst all such acts are selfish for one’s own pleasure, it was also suitably appreciated ..

* I think it is a female gene, but I have no scientific evidence



1. Crash - February 15, 2007

I have no idea who you’re talking about…..

How difficult is it to put things away once you’ve used them?

Should I stop now?

2. surly girl - February 16, 2007

yes. men make more mess in the kitchen. fact.

3. Crash - February 16, 2007

Bulls*** you want to see some women cooking… No names mentioned but we know who you are.

4. Donna - February 16, 2007

Jamie Oliver has assistants. Why shouldn’t I 😉

5. stagedive - February 16, 2007

Girls logic says if there are clean pans in the kitchen then they have to be used .. or I have been dating the wrong women 😉

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