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Waiting Room .. February 13, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Music, Reviews.

joe.jpgLast night I took a trip to Norwich to see Joe Lally at the Arts Centre. I love the Arts Centre, it being a fairly regular focal point to my teens and early twenties. It was a full rush of nostalgia walking in there last night, I could even picture the 21 year old me getting everyone to sing happy birthday (to me) from the balcony in the bar room.

It was also life affirming meeting up with some old Norwich friends that I hadn’t seen in an age. The times change from them being dope smoking punks to dope smoking Phd graduate teachers, but the backdrop remains the same and it was very nice catching up on tales – more appreciation for Architecture and the Russian revolution though than the latest jade Tree  SoCal punk trio.. It is fair to say that some characters stay with you for life – I don’t think I will ever forgot those guys, they manage to make me laugh just walking in the room ..

The gig itself was pretty low key. Joe looked uneasy being the front man. The tunes were bass heavy (there was no guitar), Jazz subtlety almost, but engaging and lyrically thought provoking. Fugazi it was/is not – the irony brought to the fore by Simon Goober reminding me that when Fugazi first played over here, people would be asking ‘do they sound like Minor Threat?’ .. its the kind of thing that would grow with familiarity, but worth checking out .. I was however convinced that he broke into the first two lines of Waiting Room on more than one occasion ..



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