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Holiday Hair .. February 11, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

The kids arrived on Friday & from just within my periphery vision I watched them get out of the car .. something caught my eye .. G had what car manufacturers would call ‘vivid blue’ hair & D a shade that might be described as ‘Candyfloss Red’ in the Dulux adverts .. Donna had been busy ..

They were both very pleased with their new colouring and delight in the fact that I wouldn’t choose to coulour their hair .. it’s alomost like having free rebel points as I pretty neutral on the subject, but find it quite cool that recognise it as a form of rebellion ..

Watching G play in goal for his football team in the pouring rain was pretty funny, the ‘vivid’ blue streaking effect running down his face suggested that the dye was only semi permanent – it may have put off the opposition!

I was briefly suspended from school in my teens for being outrageous enough to have my hair cut short .. imagine that .. the irony of the moment was being told by a near completely bald deputy head that I needed to stay home till my hair grew was almost too much to take .. I did think about suggesting he did the same, but it seemed a step too far at the time ..

I remember having to be at home for a couple of weeks and whilst I don’t remember discussing it in detail with my parents, I sensed they were not best pleased. I visited my Mum today and was chatting about hair styles in light of D’s Red Mowhawk invading her front room .. it turns out that both my Dad and her were pissed off, but not at me, at the school .. my Dad’s line being that if I had broken the law it would be different .. I was really touched to hear that. Although left leaning politically, my Dad was fairly Conservative in his later years, and it was great to hear that he went to see the school and gave them ‘a piece of his mind’ on my behalf ..

I never discussed it with him, and had always assumed it was parental disapproval that resulted in the silence, but it appears it was history repeating in reverse .. I await the calls from high school regarding my/our kids hair styles and claims on independence .. I may be in need of new soap box for Xmas ..



1. Donna - February 12, 2007

You liked it then 😉

I’ll bleach it out before they go back to school 😀

2. stagedive - February 12, 2007

I didn’t mind it all – it very was funny the way they sneaked in and grinned with a rebellious smirk thinking they had pushed hair care to the edge 🙂

3. Donna - February 13, 2007

Don’t tell them it’s fine, otherwise they won’t want it anymore 😉

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