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Young Knives .. January 23, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

There’s a lot of tabloid furore surrounding Big Brother over the past week. I haven’t watched any of the episodes this year, but have seen a few news clips following the Jade Goody allegations ..

From an observers perspective, it strikes me she is being targeted somewhat. There were more people than her guilty of whatever it is they are guilty of .. is it racism though?

As I said, I haven’t seen the show, but from the glimpses it appears to be largely blind ignorance rather than racism. I’m not sure Jade herself understands the concept. It’s people picking on someone they don’t like who happens to be Asian, far more intelligent & considerably more attractive than them (I am guessing on the intelligence front, but I have a hunch I may be right!) .. that’s just jealousy and lowest common denominator attack as a form of defence .. even the actual racial slurs were inaccurate, which makes it even more criminal .. sigh ..

Yes Ch4 should have stepped in earlier, it’s damaging to more than the few people in the house .. we need to stamp out any encouragement of the closet racist attitudes of middle England, the ‘I’m not a racist but..’ brigade need only the slightest glimpse of a populist role model and they will be straight on the soap box.

Ch4 they got the ratings, but they also lost a lot of respect .. let’s get over it quickly, here’s hoping for a new range of tabloid perfumes and millionaires for no reason ..

The point I hooked in on was the S-Club or Liberty X girl talking to her housemate about the cringe worthy topic of ‘Is it in India that they eat with their hands?’ …. der!!!!!! .. I loved that one .. was She serious??

Kettles and Black Pots .. It got me thinking .. in Britain, eating with a knife and fork is a dying trend .. could we be accused of the something similar on one of the International Big Brothers? ‘The Country that used to eat with a knife and fork?’ ..  

Kids are force fed finger food from a very young age, Pizza, Burgers and all manner of fast food don’t require learning how to hold a knife and fork. Pasta eating with a fork and spoon, it’s rude not to .. We then quickly broaden the palette to cover Chinese, Thai and Sushi where chopsticks kick in .. Kids could potentially get to their early teens using a knife and fork once or twice a week when the menu flips to something traditionally British .. My Son is 8 and although trained in the art, he thinks a knife is pointless .. we are perhaps one generation away from sucking liquidized Cottage Pie from a cellophane packet ..



1. Donna - January 24, 2007

You’ve touched on one of Andy’s “bete noir’s” (correct me if I’ve got the phrase wrong) there with the knife and fork thing. He was absolutely disgusted the first year we had his kids down for Christmas dinner and he realised they didn’t know how to use a knife and fork properly. George and Dyl don’t do too badly by comparison, but it is all down to us (as in society in general) not sitting up at the table for dinner together any more. This has been reinstated (most days) in our house for exactly the knifes and forks reason. No TV on either. That’s the dinner law.

And I also agree that Jade is just fucking stupid and ignorant, not racist. Jo (SClub) and Danielle (stupid scouser) should have been dragged off along with Jade.

I’ll be impressed if you get the kids eating with chopsticks 😀

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