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Squeeze Bend Curl .. January 19, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

oyster-card-pq.jpgIn London Town yesterday, braving the big bad English weather, everyone seemed to be taking the tube to avoid the wind and rain. The tube at rush hour is at best a nightmare, and when even more people decide to use it, it becomes a nightmare of nightmaring proportions ..

I was heading in to town after work for some socialising and foolishly though that people might be largely heading out of town. I skipped the 1st train as the people hanging on the outside and making impersonations of the poster for Shaun of the Dead were a hint that the train was at capacity .. so, I opted to take my place for the follow on ..

Train arrives, full to the brim but with one person departing, the pack inside was shuffled sufficiently so as to accomodate at least four of us on the platform, obviously! Our bending and cuving to the shape of the carriage, hulking our frames to fit the space that would have been questionably appropriate even if we were being forcibly deported, let alone paying for the privilege. however, the main attraction was the entrance door along from me ..

Here some french school kids were clambering to get space, there were at least 6 or 7 of them, plus a teacher/adult/guardian. They had almost all got on to the carriage but one kid at the back couldn’t fit into the remaining space. He wasn’t going to be left stranded .. cue French Stage Dive, or tube dive to be more precise .. kid, who was no more than five foot, takes a small run up and leaps on top of his friends, they catch him, laugh a lot causing much commotion and less than happy sounds from the Commuters, but it worked .. if there was a competition for most French kids in a phone booth/Mini/Trabant, this guy should take part .. we continued the journey, he survived, I think, I left him at Tottenham Court Road .. genius though, if only all Commuters were that smart, London Transport would be able to make a small fortune in extra fares ..



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