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Bacon .. January 15, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

th-1800_0019.jpgEveryone has at some point in time played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon .. or variations there of where you can link Kevin, and/or other famous people of note within 6 steps …

We were musing over the weekend and thinking in Heat magazine terms … indirectly 2 people I know can get to Brad Pitt and David Beckham in 3 steps .. imagine that .. 

The same conversation led to Tony Blair and Nicole Kidman in three steps, Tom Cruise in four, obviously … oh, who needs Sunday papers ..

(1) Donna, my ex-wife, used to dance in a dance troupe with (2) Karen Yallop (nee Haste), who later married (3) Frank Yallop, who manages LA Galaxy, who have recenly signed (4) David .. hence Frank is David’s boss, or ‘gaffer’ as they say in football talk .. actually I should probably say ‘Coach’ and ‘Soccer’ if I knew what for ..

(1) Wolfie of Lovejunk and Ipswich drinking fame, used to (briefly) date (2) Joan, formerly of the Dambuilders, now of Joan as Policewoman. Joan then went on to go out with (3) Jeff Buckley. (4) Brad’s fave singer is, of course, Jeff B ..

I also knew someone that used to clean house for Julie Christie, so in theory that’s 2 steps .. I can see I’m getting good at this .. next thing I know Kylie will be moving in with me .. maybe ..



1. Crash - January 16, 2007

Colin, I’m married to your x wife, and I used to deliver milk to Emlyn Hughes. There’s another one for you… Emlyn whoops Beckhams arse anyday.

2. stagedive - January 16, 2007

Crash – Emlyn is not a bad for starters, but Norman Hunter would have been more hardcore. I bet Emlyn gave good tips though.

My Dad used to deliver mail to Roy Bailey, he played for Ipswich ages ago, and his son (who was tiny at the time) Gary, went on to play for Man Utd .. I was oh so impressed by that as a kid, but somehow it doesn’t cut it for me in later years ..

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