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Centrally Parted .. January 12, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

When you work from home there’s no end of things that you can daydream about that office life simply wouldn’t allow. having been in the office for too much this week, today I thought I deserved some working from home stupidity .. so ..

After showering and preparing myself for the day, I dispersed with the usual splatterings of hair gel and decided today was the day that I would see how long I could last with a centre parting – and why not .. It takes a lot of hair gel to look this stupid you understand ..

I inflicted the spiv look on my Son when he was pretty young and he still delights in giving himself the nerd outlook when time allows, so why not, I thought, treat myself to such antics .. and what’s the worse that could happen ..?

Things were going pretty well through my first audio of the day, no one could see me after all, breakfast was a breeze too .. I was revelling in my new found 70’s historian look* .. then a ring on the door bell .. the postman had arrived ..

My heart fluttered, what to do .. it was like I was in American Pie .. I could panic and dart to the mirror, or I could grasp the moment, head held high .. I decided the later ..

“Alright Boss’ .. said Postie .. I’m not really his Boss, obviously, but he is a young ‘geezer’, and, as the story goes, ‘geezers need excitement’ .. he offers me this greeting every time an oversized parcel arrives .. camera goodies and new film today, so worth the situation alone ..

He looked me straight in the eye, didn’t flinch, laugh, guffaw .. nada, zip .. basically he was telling me that he could give a flying one what my hair looked like, what I was wearing, what my middle name was, or what A-Grade narcotics I was smuggling, so long as I took the parcel and he got on with his day .. I could in fact, have a centre parting for my own amusement every day of the week, and Postie would approve ..

I skipped happily back into the house, opened the booty and then, and only then, moved to the mirror, reached for the gel, and Mr Benn returned to his normal life … it was a very, very, enjoyable 2 hours and 13 minutes though .. 

What next on the list for Home Workers I wonder ..

* Apologies if you are/were a 70’s historian with a modern day sculptured fottballers mullet, but I am generalising for the sake of brevity.



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