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Recorder Frenzy .. January 11, 2007

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids, Music.

fc496.jpgI did once learn how to play the recorder at primary school. obviously my massive (ahem) musical talent was closely guarded at that young age and, along with the 1000s of other (predominantly male) 7 year olds, all I really wanted to do was pull the top off and blow into it as hard as you can to get that crazy shrieking noise my parents grew to love ..

Suffice to say the recorder is one of those instruments that no one needs to play, it’s pointless. It is cheap mind you, and thats probably why all primary school children in this country get to learn the first three bars of three blind mice by default and the discard the recorder to the dusty top shelf of their bedroom ..

As a 30 something male, fond of all things Indie Pop, I am a big fan of Belle and Sebastian, poor man’s Smith’s to some, twee Indie nothingness to others, but I love them and all that they stand for .. so ..

I was listening to Boy with the Arab Strapfor the 10,000th time the other say and thought .. Mmmm .. that’s a recorder solo, no band would ever be so uncool as to have a recrder solo … Insert Light bulb Icon .. can you guess what happened next?

When I dropped off my Son at his Mums, I stole the once discarded instrument of choice (he has his first electric guitar now .. woop woop) from before his very eyes, he hadn’t even hidden it on the shelf! .. like candy from a baby, except he merely shrugged and looked bemused ..

Since then I have been leaping around the room with axe, sorry pipe (will that work?) in hand stabbing at the guessed notes and making an awful racket .. I am reckoning though that recorder solo with stage dive hasn’t been tried before and am plotting and scheming ..

Progress to date is that I have the first 4 bars down to a tee .. from then it goes horribly wrong and I revert to .. three blind mice .. doh ..  I will get there, I really will .. then my Mother will be proud ..



1. Annie Rhiannon - January 11, 2007

My flatmate plays the recorder. No, he’s not 7.

2. JEly - January 11, 2007

Send me the song and i’ll have a go for you

3. Donna - January 12, 2007

Sorry to be a bad sport, but Dyl had a note in his bag to say PLEASE BRING IN YOUR OWN RECORDER … You may have to put your recorder solo on hold for another term!!

4. marty - January 22, 2007


i am trying to learn the recorder solo for the boy with the arab strap can anyone help me.



5. stagedive - January 23, 2007

Marty .. Sorry I’m still no closer to anything past the 1st four bars .. will let you know when I get there ;o)

6. marty - January 23, 2007

cheers, ill keep trying myself and let you know if i figure it out aswell.
played the flute and the tin whistle for a few years and i thought i good have figured it out myself but i was soooooo wrong. a well ill keep trying.

p.s do you know any links for recorder notes.


7. Adam - February 13, 2007

This is so funny. I was just watching B&S at Coachella with my 4 y/o daughter and she said, “we have one of those.” I’d love to learn the song for her. Has anyone had any luck in locating the music?

8. stagedive - February 13, 2007

Thanks Adam. I have managed to learn it I think! I dont read music though so rely on memory & have to break myself in gently 🙂 I wouldnt have the first clue to describe ‘what’ I am playing..

It was a very rewarding process though – highly recommended..

9. Polly - August 29, 2009

any word on where to find the music for this brilliant song?

10. Rach - April 27, 2011

I couldn’t find the proper music but has a little go myself…
It will probably sound wrong to other people! sorry haha!
it’s all the high versions of the notes…

eggg feeefedc
eggg feeefedc fedc fedc
gggg feeefedc
eggg feeefedc fedfec fedc


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