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Gone Fishing .. January 29, 2007

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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday .. I’ll be ‘gone fishing’ for a few days, back with some vacation ramblings if I find an Internet cafe and some spare hours. That’s if I can understand the Cyrillic keyboard.

I haven’t time to post anything of note as I need to pack, but .. I watched the best film of the year, for me at least, followed by the second best in one night .. wow .. that’s good picking on my part .. so kids .. watch Thank you for Smoking and laugh out loud, possibly an all time great, and incredibly funny .. then watch the Devil & Daniel Johnston & feel humbled by greatness ..

Happy Holidays … I’m packing now Andy, honest …


Turned .. January 24, 2007

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I have been in London today for work. I was walking to a meeting room in Corporate HQ and had to walk through a large group of hip young things (or ‘new bunnies’ as a rather irritating Consultant frequently referred to them as). They were all fresh faced and enthusiastic, eager to make suggestions to some chap at the front of the group who was suggesting one of the world’s communication problems that could be solved today .. they all looked really happy, content and on a mission .. it got me thinking ..

5.jpgI was them once! .. and it wasn’t that long ago either .. what happened?? 7 or 8 years ago I swore that I would never be anything other than enthusiastic .. I probably thought I could save the world, bubbling with energy to change everything, not just at work, but playing in a band that really meant something & all that mis-guided ‘yoof’ stuff that we all go through – I was my own personal Red Wedge.. it was great ..

Now, I have turned. I have reached the tipping point where by I realise that I am never going to change the world. I have become one of the people that I used to complain about, that I swore I would never become – the slightly cynical type, out of their twenties, a realist rather than an optimist and so out of touch with ‘da pulse’ of life on the street that I don’t even know that Mika is #1 in the Charts* or all the words to Panic at the Disco’s latest 45** .. and neither do I care .. I am the person that I used to sneer at inwardly as someone that would never change a thing in life and just sit back and take the wage packet handed to them .. I used to hate that .. I really did .. but now ..

I love it. I can sit smug, self assured and content that I have achieved a lot of what I set out to do already .. I’m on course for all the other stuff too. I’m happy in work to the extent that it’s rewarding without being too demanding, pays the bills and then some, plus I look at the happy smiling faces of the new breed and I am not jealous, I’m happy for them, really happy, I just hope their band is a little more successful 😉

 “I was 21 years when I wrote this song, I am 36 now, but I won’t be for long …” sing up William ..

 * I had to look it up
** Can I still credibly use the term 45 as a cultural reference to the 7″ single, hell yes!!

Young Knives .. January 23, 2007

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There’s a lot of tabloid furore surrounding Big Brother over the past week. I haven’t watched any of the episodes this year, but have seen a few news clips following the Jade Goody allegations ..

From an observers perspective, it strikes me she is being targeted somewhat. There were more people than her guilty of whatever it is they are guilty of .. is it racism though?

As I said, I haven’t seen the show, but from the glimpses it appears to be largely blind ignorance rather than racism. I’m not sure Jade herself understands the concept. It’s people picking on someone they don’t like who happens to be Asian, far more intelligent & considerably more attractive than them (I am guessing on the intelligence front, but I have a hunch I may be right!) .. that’s just jealousy and lowest common denominator attack as a form of defence .. even the actual racial slurs were inaccurate, which makes it even more criminal .. sigh ..

Yes Ch4 should have stepped in earlier, it’s damaging to more than the few people in the house .. we need to stamp out any encouragement of the closet racist attitudes of middle England, the ‘I’m not a racist but..’ brigade need only the slightest glimpse of a populist role model and they will be straight on the soap box.

Ch4 they got the ratings, but they also lost a lot of respect .. let’s get over it quickly, here’s hoping for a new range of tabloid perfumes and millionaires for no reason ..

The point I hooked in on was the S-Club or Liberty X girl talking to her housemate about the cringe worthy topic of ‘Is it in India that they eat with their hands?’ …. der!!!!!! .. I loved that one .. was She serious??

Kettles and Black Pots .. It got me thinking .. in Britain, eating with a knife and fork is a dying trend .. could we be accused of the something similar on one of the International Big Brothers? ‘The Country that used to eat with a knife and fork?’ ..  

Kids are force fed finger food from a very young age, Pizza, Burgers and all manner of fast food don’t require learning how to hold a knife and fork. Pasta eating with a fork and spoon, it’s rude not to .. We then quickly broaden the palette to cover Chinese, Thai and Sushi where chopsticks kick in .. Kids could potentially get to their early teens using a knife and fork once or twice a week when the menu flips to something traditionally British .. My Son is 8 and although trained in the art, he thinks a knife is pointless .. we are perhaps one generation away from sucking liquidized Cottage Pie from a cellophane packet ..

Squeeze Bend Curl .. January 19, 2007

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oyster-card-pq.jpgIn London Town yesterday, braving the big bad English weather, everyone seemed to be taking the tube to avoid the wind and rain. The tube at rush hour is at best a nightmare, and when even more people decide to use it, it becomes a nightmare of nightmaring proportions ..

I was heading in to town after work for some socialising and foolishly though that people might be largely heading out of town. I skipped the 1st train as the people hanging on the outside and making impersonations of the poster for Shaun of the Dead were a hint that the train was at capacity .. so, I opted to take my place for the follow on ..

Train arrives, full to the brim but with one person departing, the pack inside was shuffled sufficiently so as to accomodate at least four of us on the platform, obviously! Our bending and cuving to the shape of the carriage, hulking our frames to fit the space that would have been questionably appropriate even if we were being forcibly deported, let alone paying for the privilege. however, the main attraction was the entrance door along from me ..

Here some french school kids were clambering to get space, there were at least 6 or 7 of them, plus a teacher/adult/guardian. They had almost all got on to the carriage but one kid at the back couldn’t fit into the remaining space. He wasn’t going to be left stranded .. cue French Stage Dive, or tube dive to be more precise .. kid, who was no more than five foot, takes a small run up and leaps on top of his friends, they catch him, laugh a lot causing much commotion and less than happy sounds from the Commuters, but it worked .. if there was a competition for most French kids in a phone booth/Mini/Trabant, this guy should take part .. we continued the journey, he survived, I think, I left him at Tottenham Court Road .. genius though, if only all Commuters were that smart, London Transport would be able to make a small fortune in extra fares ..

Bernd’s Berlin Strip Club .. January 19, 2007

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The search items that lead people to these pages get ever more bizarre & do make for some mild amusement ..

“Bernd’s Berlin Strip Club” was a just last week .. My sisters bfriend lives in Berlin and is called Bernd, but he told me nothing of this ..

Yesterday I had “Film – Big Hot Mums” .. I’ve not seen it myself, nor blogged about, I don’t think (well, until now) but for some reason, someone somewhere searched for it and ended up here ..

Bacon .. January 15, 2007

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th-1800_0019.jpgEveryone has at some point in time played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon .. or variations there of where you can link Kevin, and/or other famous people of note within 6 steps …

We were musing over the weekend and thinking in Heat magazine terms … indirectly 2 people I know can get to Brad Pitt and David Beckham in 3 steps .. imagine that .. 

The same conversation led to Tony Blair and Nicole Kidman in three steps, Tom Cruise in four, obviously … oh, who needs Sunday papers ..

(1) Donna, my ex-wife, used to dance in a dance troupe with (2) Karen Yallop (nee Haste), who later married (3) Frank Yallop, who manages LA Galaxy, who have recenly signed (4) David .. hence Frank is David’s boss, or ‘gaffer’ as they say in football talk .. actually I should probably say ‘Coach’ and ‘Soccer’ if I knew what for ..

(1) Wolfie of Lovejunk and Ipswich drinking fame, used to (briefly) date (2) Joan, formerly of the Dambuilders, now of Joan as Policewoman. Joan then went on to go out with (3) Jeff Buckley. (4) Brad’s fave singer is, of course, Jeff B ..

I also knew someone that used to clean house for Julie Christie, so in theory that’s 2 steps .. I can see I’m getting good at this .. next thing I know Kylie will be moving in with me .. maybe ..

Neighbours .. January 15, 2007

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On a slightly lighter note, I have new next door neighbours ..

They have been in for only four days, seem really nice, but keep calling me by the wrong name. I have pointed out the error of their ways twice, I now don’t seem to care & would feel awkard pointing it out a third, fourth and fifth time ..  “For F****s sake my names’s not Colin & get off my land” probably wouldn’t get me a cup of sugar when I’m running low ..

I’m thinking of keeping up the pretence ..

Cal .. January 15, 2007

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Monday starts out on a sad note. A little bit heavy, but I know a few people that read this that will know those in the subject matter ..

In catching up with world news with friends last week, I got to hear about J Robbins’ baby Cal. I don’t know J very well at all, aside from meeting him a few times and passing the time of day, but Jawbox was/is one of my fave bands ever, J being the creative lead, and he has always struck me as fulfilling the full on Mr Very Nice Guy, with a great talent to boot.

I was behind the times in not knowing he had a son, but the DeSoto site tells the sad tale of his Son’s illness (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and points to the donations link too .. it’s a tough read.

I’m ever greatful for my kids being healthy and wise, and it’s an amazing joy watching them grow and learn .. I’m not medical enough to know the outcomes, but here’s a thought for Cal and anyone else in the same position ..

Centrally Parted .. January 12, 2007

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When you work from home there’s no end of things that you can daydream about that office life simply wouldn’t allow. having been in the office for too much this week, today I thought I deserved some working from home stupidity .. so ..

After showering and preparing myself for the day, I dispersed with the usual splatterings of hair gel and decided today was the day that I would see how long I could last with a centre parting – and why not .. It takes a lot of hair gel to look this stupid you understand ..

I inflicted the spiv look on my Son when he was pretty young and he still delights in giving himself the nerd outlook when time allows, so why not, I thought, treat myself to such antics .. and what’s the worse that could happen ..?

Things were going pretty well through my first audio of the day, no one could see me after all, breakfast was a breeze too .. I was revelling in my new found 70’s historian look* .. then a ring on the door bell .. the postman had arrived ..

My heart fluttered, what to do .. it was like I was in American Pie .. I could panic and dart to the mirror, or I could grasp the moment, head held high .. I decided the later ..

“Alright Boss’ .. said Postie .. I’m not really his Boss, obviously, but he is a young ‘geezer’, and, as the story goes, ‘geezers need excitement’ .. he offers me this greeting every time an oversized parcel arrives .. camera goodies and new film today, so worth the situation alone ..

He looked me straight in the eye, didn’t flinch, laugh, guffaw .. nada, zip .. basically he was telling me that he could give a flying one what my hair looked like, what I was wearing, what my middle name was, or what A-Grade narcotics I was smuggling, so long as I took the parcel and he got on with his day .. I could in fact, have a centre parting for my own amusement every day of the week, and Postie would approve ..

I skipped happily back into the house, opened the booty and then, and only then, moved to the mirror, reached for the gel, and Mr Benn returned to his normal life … it was a very, very, enjoyable 2 hours and 13 minutes though .. 

What next on the list for Home Workers I wonder ..

* Apologies if you are/were a 70’s historian with a modern day sculptured fottballers mullet, but I am generalising for the sake of brevity.

Get Up .. January 11, 2007

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untitled-copy.gifAs with anything that is celebrity today, the email grapevine spouts forth some gems .. I am sympathetic to the family of the great man, but still had to smile heartily when I saw this … RIP Mr Brown ..