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Somebody .. December 28, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

france-may-02_054.jpgIt was the 40th Birthday of a good buddy last night and he had a gathering at one of the spit and sawdust pubs in town. It was really nice to see lots of faces out to wish him well, and equally good to see that the organising party hadn’t embarrassed him with school pictures and strippergrams .. I think he would genuinely have died .. He is one of the nicest people I know, easily said, but in this case very apt ..Happy Birthday Jamesy .. look at his face!

Also happy news that all came out for Xmas .. Somebody got engaged on Xmas Day & Somebody got pregnant (not date specific) .. tis’ the season to be jolly ..



1. Wast - December 29, 2006

Thanks for the kind message young sir. We tried not to steal the birthday boys thunder but it was tough as we were obviously very happy and wanted to celebrate.

It was a fabulous night, good times with a number of people we hadn’t seen for too long.

I think we made the right decision to bale rather than carry on drinking. I hope those that pushed on through went on to have even more fun.

2. stagedive - December 29, 2006

You didnt steal thunder at all, it’s great news, I knew there was a romantic trying to get out from under those metal T-Shirts ..

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