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Crimble .. December 27, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I had a really nice Xmas. It was the first Xmas I have not had my kids on Xmas eve for many years, and .. I think .. the first Xmas I have woken up alone <cue violins> .. not my norm, but not downbeat at all ..

I had a really good Xmas Eve, house visiting and drinking a weird Spanish Liquor that tasted like Mouthwash and had grass in it, but kicked arse .. oh and playing a game that came in crackers where each of the eight crackers had a whistle of differing tone .. the conductor then orchestrates an Xmas tune or 12 .. very amusing after consuming too much grass liquor..

I then woke on Xmas Day at 10.15 .. fantastic .. I don’t think I have ever done that before. It felt great, no hangover and still a full 45 mins to get up, get out, before lunch. Gorgeous Xmas Lunch with my Brother and Sister In Law, his Ma and their Dog .. then picked the kids up in the afternoon, mad present and happiness frenzy .. ‘Dad, you are great’ etc .. who said money can’t buy you love ??!! It was great day, ultra stress free, some neat gifts and complete avoidance of television ..

Boxing Day with my Mum and kids and indulging in the Xmas Booty .. we danced through the Indie Hits comp I bought George .. I’m getting much less of a music snob as I get older .. I even put the Rakes on repeat! Mum and George cleared out for the evening and me and Dylan snuggled up to watch Garfield 2 .. not the most awe-inspiring movie ever, but I did laugh a fair bit, and Dylan ended up convincing me that he could sleep in my bed as his brother was out ..

I love him soooo much .. he went to bed 20 mins before me and was spread out angel like across the bed, snoring like Father Ted .. I woke up with him dribbling on my shoulder 🙂

Xmas Sales, coffee stops today and 40th Birthday Party tonight .. it’s a surprise James honest .. oh and roll on the weekend .. woop woop ..



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