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Fat Goose .. December 24, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I’m celebrated out now. Too many Xmas gatherings in too few number of days, all good in their own way, I got to go dancing 3 out of four too .. well, officially it might not be classed as dancing, but it was on a dance floor post alcohol, so it’s a moderately appropriate title.

Friday night a gathering of former work colleagues and associated hangers on, managed to crawl round a host of bars that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose to frequent, and end up in a nightclub that shames me to utter its name .. but above all that, we sang and danced and it was all a fine time, we even got into the club for free ..

Last night was familiar surroundings, real ale .. some really nice Cherry Beer too .. Mmmm .. but ended up the evening with Luna Junkie and some old friendly faces .. free beer and northern soul .. plus a Smiths sing-along that I must have won out right if there was such a thing as a ‘sing-off’ .. James pretended he didn’t know the words, but seemingly mouthed the vast majority .. I even visited a burger van <aaagghh> for the first time in 10-12 years .. it really must be Xmas..

I have switched to some Pacific Time Zone I think .. I slept from 4.30 – 11.30 last night and felt fine when I woke up  .. I took my Mum out for lunch today, I love my Mum. She was eating a Bell Pepper Salad, as was I .. very nice peppers stuffed with Cous Cous .. she ate the Cous Cous and left the peppers .. I said ‘don’t you like them?’ and she replied ‘you can’t eat that bit can you?!’ in a genuinne look of horror .. bless her .. in her 70+ years she had gone through life thinking that Peppers were merely decorative .. yeah, I love my Mum ..

It will be a mild Xmas Eve. I hate waking up Xmas day with a hangover. Fortune struck with an invite to a house party yesterday, so I’m being picked up soon by my Butler in his Aston Martin ..



1. JEly - December 24, 2006

Your carriage will be there at 19:30, freshly polished!!!

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