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Bert .. December 16, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Kids.

After an unexpected night on the town after Ma Stagedive invited the kids round to sleep .. I have memory loss from last night & the bits I remember included a fit or two of the hysterics .. a very pleasant evening .. today brought the kids back with a skip and smile ..

Dylan has a couple of friends over to stay this evening, its a great habit they have gotten into including Pizza, Movie on the big screen and a couple of friends along for the ride. The funny part came when their Mum called to chat through some stuff and recalled the tale of a nightmare kid that stayed round hers who wouldnt eat, was rude and disruptive .. we chuckled through it and both declared that we’d make sure to pick the well behaved kids .. lets call that kid Bert for the sake of this verbage .. I couldn’t remember the names of the kids staying tonight at that point, but I was sure one of them wasn’t Bert.

So the call came and went and then 10 – 15 mins later the phone rang .. “Hi, it’s Bert’s Mum, just calling to check arrangements for tonight” .. doh .. oh the irony .. I composed myself and continued the conversation and laughed a little on the inside.

As it turns out, Bert is on best behaviour so far, I managed to steal back the PC for 5 mins, and the gun battle of outer suburbs continues on the landing .. so far so good ..



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