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Serial .. December 13, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Ipswich has gone mad. I can remember the new reels from the early eighties when Peter Sutcliffe was on the loose, it stays with me to this day. Now an almost copycat approach is taking place very close to home. The tragedy of the individual cases is evident, but also coupled with the effect it is having on the community .. you can feel the tension in people as you go out, with everyone looking around in case they spot something sinister .. it’s horrible.

I caught a train to London this morning and there is no parking in the Town Centre. My regular car park is a crime scene, not from the killings on the news, but from a murder outside a nightclub last Friday. Where did it all go wrong? This time last week it was a sleepy suburban backwater. It’s like the man upstairs playing Sim City on us.

I parked further into town, causing me to walk through the Red Light district .. it wasn’t a nice experience ..

I feel for the police, they now have the eyes of the world upon them, and one simple human error could be the cause for another life. I spoke to a police woman outside the train station, she looked knackered .. theres lots of thoughts for lots of people ..



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