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Don’t it make you sick .. December 11, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Music.

There are always people you meet in life that however fleeting the association, leave a huge mark on you.. I remember meeting Wiz for the first time at the Take Two Club in Sheffield when I had just started Uni in 1988.

I introduced myself as they had just released their first single on Vinyl Solution and my first band had the fortune to be on the same label. Ever since that first meeting, the countless gigs I met him and Danny at over the coming years, & the couple of times I interviewed him for my fanzine, he always had a massive joy for life, remembered me with a smile and took time out to chat and catch up .. I can’t picture a scenario of anyone having a bad thing to say about the guy .. he did the same for other people, 1000s of times over & never changed even when Mega City Four hit the relative big time.

He was/is someone that people aspired to be, not just for musical reasons, but just by being an articulate, witty & fantastic human being.

I got to about the bottom of page one on the site of condolances before welling up like a banshee .. terrible news .. hope you rest in peace fella ..




1. Donna - December 12, 2006

I started a blogpost about him too, but it sounded rubbish so I gave up. You did better. It’s very sad indeed and my thoughts are with his close friends and family. Yep, rest in peace Wiz xx.

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