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Going Underground .. December 10, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Travel.

After a very leisurely breakfast yesterday we headed out on an underground adventure. There was a tour arranged below the U-Bahn to visit both a WW2 and a Cold war bunker. It was certainly an experience! The over enthusiastic guide took us on a trip through corridor after corridor of doom and pointed out at regular intervals that in the event of a bomb being dropped, none of it would have actually worked anyway! There was a manual air con plant that a couple of people tried operating – they were knackered after 5 mins, the requirement was to keep it going 24/7.

There were innocent looking doors that we walked past that had full scale fall out suits and medical set ups still in place. It was pretty amazing to think all of that stuff was still in existence. An excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Retail Therapy in the afternoon followed. I haven’t bought so many clothes in years 🙂 The gorgeous shops in and around Mitte with a mash of chic boutiques and thrift stores that could literally sell you anything.

A last Christmas Market experience for the evening kick off with some impressive entertainment and more than enough Gluhwein to warm the soul. I have a taste for the stuff now .. its a giddy high that it gives you not disimilar to being stoned, there is none of the agression associated to lager drinking, just happy smiling Xmas faces.

We ate below Friedrich Strasse S-Bahn in a German Bar that was rammed and served Berlin Weiss, a flavoured beer in Green or Red varieties that was new with me, but oh so welcome .. we then walked up Friedrich Strasse to take in the Velvet Lounge Cocktail Bar. Pricey by Berlin Standards but worth it and full of the chic and good looking .. it was a good choice, and Vodka night capped things rather well ..



1. Crash - December 13, 2006

I’m looking forward to the photos.

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