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Frietag .. December 9, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Travel.

I think I might have verbalised a little too much about my 1st day of sightseeing. It was only after I posted that I realised I could have included Chapter headings ..

My yesterday was equally cultural. I visited the Olympic Stadium where the 1936 started out and even then Hitler seemed to be well on course for annoying all around him. You can get to the top of the Bell Tower and see a great view of the whole area and into downtown Berlin. The group of Italian School kids were nice enough to be throwing each others hats & gloves from the top, they all seemed amused .. kids hey, just love them.

Skipping the detail on the less interesting Stasi Museum (difficult to find, all in German & not worth the effort) and the sinister looking Normannen StrasseStatsi HQ (very cool, lots of info, but no one else cares) , I took in the newly opened DDR Museum, which sits in the river wall right next the impressive Berliner Dom. A very kitsch experience with lots of giggling older women in hysterics over the swimwear and synthetic fabrics. A whole nudist beach exhibit & they have a Trabant and a mocked up living room, plus a great little Cafe with a view.

Great to see my sister who arrived late afternoon. We don’t get to meet up that often so it was nice to catch up and gossip and rant a while. We went out for Pizza with one of Bernd’s friends coming along too & then headed on the tram to Prenzlauer Berg .. an uber hip district where the hip and needy hang out .. the bar we choose was quaint and on the corner of the church square, the cocktails flowed, too much sugar but at 4 Euros, who’s complaining.

Taxi home and a very nice lie in today … Croissants & herbal tea are looking back at me .. 



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