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Mr Bond .. December 1, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Reviews.

I haven’t looked forward to a new Bond film since the Spy Who Loved Me, not quite sure why Casino Royale had grabbed me either if I am honest, but I was really looking forward to seeing it. Daniel Craig is perfect as Bond, I can appreciate what the ladies see in him & from a male perspective he has that guy <almost> next door quality, that you have to admire .. he certainly isn’t the dweeb in a jacket that Timothy Dalton played so well.

The filming was good too, although there were the obvious Bond trademarks, they linked well into the chronology of the Fleming novel without dragging you back in time. There were also some b&w art attacks here and there which I certainly haven’t witnessed in a Bond film before.

I loved it. I’m sure the receptionist at the Beach Club keeps meaning to call me. I have also added Montenegro on my list of places to visit – looks like a great location.

The only thing that annoyed me was the over zealous product placement & all very mainstream .. Bond driving a Ford just doesnt work, ‘Is that a Rolex?’ .. ‘No an Omega’ .. you can picture the scene in Sainsbury Car Park at the weekend with every Mondeo driver rapidly purchasing the cheapest Omega watch and Sony Erricson phone, doing handbrake turns and winking at the shop assistants!

There is obviously big bucks linked to films like this and every lads mag and weekly tutorial has a pic of Mr Craig sporting one product or another on the back cover.

All things considered I did drive home from the cinema with an air of invincibility about me – I’m not sure wearing a dinner jacket around the house is quite my thing just yet though..



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