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Ache .. November 27, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

‘My body aches, my mind consumes me’ .. Doug Martsch said that ..

I appreciate that no one likes a hangover, but I am reaching that stage where the after effects are outweighing the giddy joys. I woke up on Saturday morning after slightly less than 3 hours sleep with every bone, muscle, brain cell and skin pore of my body screaming at me, something to the effect of ‘stupid idiot, why do you do it’ ..

The fact that my new neighbours decided 7am on a Saturday was a sociable hour to bang and crash their new house into shape was incidental!

Friday night I met up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and it was very nice to have beers and a catch up. Started out with real beer in a real pub, ended up Indie Clubbing it till far too late. I was bemused at bumping into Michaela out with said group of friends. It was the first time I had seen her out since we split, so it was a headful of emotion, but very nice to see her.

After dancing into the wee small hours I headed home on the bus. I was past tipping point by this stage, and even neglected to take on the pint of water that should be mandatory in such cases. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that lots of beer when you usually don’t drink lots of beer, probably means an adverse reaction the following morning, especially when you don’t sleep too much between.

In the morning I couldn’t face food at all, and only managed two sips of tea before feeling sick .. Mmm .. attractive .. I crawled through Saturday. I met up with J&J in town, ate food at last and drank lots of coffee. The worst admission was the Rejects gig that I had so much been looking forward to ..

The thought of standing in a smokey pub, listening to loud punk rock with 3 or 4 support bands that I wasn’t interested in, was fairly low down on my list of recommended hangover cures. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me after all. All that pent up excitement was for nothing.

The offer of a quiet night on the town, food and a couple of beers seemed so much more attractive .. a very nice evening it was too. I still felt in a daze from Friday night on Sunday morning though!

A lazy Sunday, minor shopping trip and cooking comfort food was as crazy as it got. Oh and watched United 93 in the evening .. not the most chilled out choice for a Sunday evening, but I thought it was a really well put together – it didn’t feel like an American made film, it was tasteful without over glamourising any element & the acting was very convincing, especially considering to topic.

I am thinking carefully before exceeding a four pints of beer limit again ..



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