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Pervert .. October 30, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

The milk of human kindness shone through today .. After four days in the beautiful city of Vilnius, we continued our trek through the Baltics and headed for Riga.

Vilnius really does have it all .. a heady mixture of stunning old town that would grace the romantic highs of Paris or New York, with the essential dirt and grime of a former Soviet satellite and all the re-building and corrupt glamour that that brings. I’ll get round to writing more on that when I’m on a keyboard that isn’t primarily cyrillic alphabet though .. today was what I intended to post ..

So who told us that the clocks had changed then? Well no one actually. We managed a late night out on Saturday and were kind of drunkenly bemused as to why the bars weren’t closing as the daylight seeped through.

Sunday was a pleasant blur that involved drinking coffee and Soviet era camera markets that would have had at least three people I know salivating dangerously .. any camera you like for eight of your UK pounds and a selection wider than any eBay search would grant you.

It wasn’t until early alarm clocks and a rushed breakfast later that I looked up at the clock in the hotel lobby to find us 90 mins early to get to the bus station that it hit us! We had been wandering around for 36 hours, 1 hour ahead of ourselves .. I am never early for anything .. as JC pointed out ‘welcome to Clive 2.0’ .. oh how he laughed ..

The girl selling bus tickets was in a bad mood at 8.30am on a Monday .. I would hate to deal with her later in the week. We were lucky to be in her presence obviously .. it was way too much trouble to pay for one ticket cash and one on a card .. machinery wasn’t invented for such requests .. I think she tried to spit at us on the way out, but that might be my imagination .. I bought her flowers and ran ..

With 2 quid of change in our pockets there were no beggars to be found .. why is that .. they are usually too hard to get rid of?! Jon approached a kid with his change indicating in as safe manner as humanly possible that he could have the money for free .. time froze at this point .. tumbleweed of barbed wire blew across the forecourt and the KGB spotlights were full on in Jon’s face .. the seconds turned to hours as the kid looked bemused, shook his head and the 2 old ladies near by shouted abuse along the lines ‘dirty old pervert, leave that kid alone’ .. I couldn’t help but laugh .. we couldn’t even give our money away & got abuse for trying..

Jon found the nearest street cleaner who then thought his numbers had come up in the lottery and we went on our way .. I have only just stopped laughing .. Riga is amazing .. TV Tower, Soviet Museum, crazy markets, its like groundhog day .. though the park in the centre is along the lines of Central Park and it has a big city feel about it .. it is going to be very good.



1. Donna - November 1, 2006

Hehe … you early? I will never believe it!

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