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Anyone out there? September 28, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I am not an avid watcher of TV. I own a Sky+ box and this seems to get me all I need. I can record sketch shows and cold War documentaries to my hearts content, casually pressing the play button whenever entertainment is needed .. without ever having to browse the daily schedules.

The other evening whilst out, my Sky box failed. On my return I had a scan through the channel listing to see what was about.

It was at this point that I realised the extent of the recent Sky upload of new channel listings. Who watches this stuff ..

Unknowingly I found myself flicking to Eurosport 2, 11pm in the evening, Beach Football .. was I the only person watching .. I guess football has an allure, but beach football, Cantona aside, there weren’t a lot of famous faces on show. I was watching through an inability to be arsed to change channel and the fact that my newspaper was more interesting.

That was one thing, but I then thought about the other 997 channels I have on offer. What about these – who at 11pm is watching the other 40+ sport channels,  100 or so ‘Text, Flirt & Date’ options, or the 150+ ‘God Channels’ .. a number of these run 24/7 (although I suspect repeating the same content) .. 11pm is one thing, but who watches this stuff through the night? ..

From an advertising point of view it must be the equivalent to a person standing with a sandwich board in a suburban pub on the outskirts of Preston pub on a Monday night. Yet they all seem to exist.

I could personally survive quite happily with about half a dozen channels, in fact my favourites on Sky doesn’t even fill the screen. So either I am abnormal <rhetorical> or there are people across the UK, and mainland Europe, that are watching Channel 761 God UK on a regular basis. If anyone out there is watching, please let me know, if not, can the last one out please turn off the lights and allow me to browse channels without wading through your junk. I thankyou ..



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