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Where you been? September 26, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids, Music.

I have been in a daze of late, an Indian summer of the cerebral vertex .. it’s still an upbeat daze, but I do feel a little bit detached from my own reality .. I think it is seasonal so I’ll blame it on the weather, it wouldn’t be British to blame it on anything else.

I’ll paraphrase my past week or so;

Spent a very nice evening with family in Orford at this place. Orford is one of those quaint English Coastal villages that you could run round in 5 minutes, but has an appeal that makes return trips near essential. The restaurant I hadn’t been to before, but they have a really cool Smoked Fish shop (well, cool if you are not a fish about to be smoked) behind it that fills the air with culinary whiffs. My Sister was home from Poland and it was really nice to get almost all the family together.

I got a new/replacement Soundcard for my PC – the other one got frazzled by lightning. I am no technophobe, but the whole home recording lark is designed for people that read techie magazines. Plug and play, my arse. I savour my small triumphs and leap around the room when one piece of technology talks to another – quite rewarding in a frustrating kinda way. The helpline guy was very .. err .. helpful .. but sounded like he was sitting in his bedroom surfing the web and breaking open a beer. I was referred to as ‘mate’ and ‘dude’ .. I guess i am quite ‘dude’ like in a certain light – low light with the sound turned down! I don’t have a problem with that, but would like to have his job.

We celebrated Michaela’s Birthday. She insists she is still early Thirties, but 33 is creeping up to mid 30’s in my book. She looks early Twenties though, so it doesn’t make for a great line of sarcasm. I think she liked her present. A weekend in Paris – she has never been either, so looking forward to that one. I also managed breakfast in bed, birthday cake, romantic night out and flowers .. I know, I know, you don’t have to all tell me how lovely I am.

I took my eldest Son to start acting lessons .. he has wanted to go for a while. He really enjoyed it & was pleased to have been asked to take on the role of a female bear .. nice one .. I also got in trouble for saying that the teacher looked ‘foxy’ .. well she did, it was only an observation.

My band that was a four piece, is now a three piece .. James (RIP – not literally) has given way to apathy and recreational substances and decided he could do no more for the cause. It is a pity to lose such a fine fellow – a very rare find when you get four people in a band that all get along without ego’s taking over… that said, he was pretty crap at guitar and so flaky 😉 .. We are going to start a search for a new guitarist though, or maybe even a keyboard player .. applications accepted for minor to major talents everywhere.

I just got some more films back and am starting to scan through them and will post on to Flickr.

Happy Tuesday



1. Wast - September 28, 2006

Sorry to hear Jamesy’s apathy has finally got the better of him. Hopefully it will only be a minor setback for the band and you’ll move onto greater success. Have to say the CD is still a constant in the car and we now have a 6 year old wailing along to the chorus of ‘Cross Country’ !!!

2. stagedive - September 28, 2006

thanks Wast .. .. most kind. not sure about the route to success but we’ll get on the look out for someone to join in the shenanigans. I will miss the long haired fella though.

3. Donna - September 28, 2006

Did you mean the haired fella? I believe the ‘long’ may have been superfluous in that sentence ;o)

4. JEly - September 28, 2006

wait a minute….. i’ve got some hair too!!!! Ok its on my back – but at least its there!!!

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