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Hank .. September 11, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Music.

Whilst perusing the latest issue of Uncut, I stumbled upon an article of stars that died whilst in their prime .. it had a picture of Hank Williams looking stylish and charismatic. It was one of those 1940’s smouldering b&w shots that could have come from the same lens as the Billy the Kid portraits or Bonnie and Clyde .. if the decades didn’t all fold into one.

My surprise came when I saw that he was only 27 when he died (although 29 according to Wikipedia). How can that be? How can someone in a cowboy hat be under 35? The ageing charm and wise grin in all the pics suggest a man far more progressed in his years .. how could ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ not have been written by someone in their 50’s.

Maybe it is just me?! The perception I had was based on those old pics and the way I came to discover him. The fact that he was long dead in the water before I even picked up any link .. probably via Dylan, who himself was in his 50’s before I cottoned on to him too. I had an image that he was a drugged up middle aged man, twisted by the success of the new kids on the block. Some career and legacy for someone that died still in their 20’s .. respect to the man.. 



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