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Hello Dave .. August 24, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Ikea have dissapointed me. I have long been an avid visitor, much like the rest of the nation, to purchase flat packs and kitchen products that I don’t need but feel compelled to buy because they are so cheap. This time though, it’s not product choice nor quality that they hit me with, it’s naming conventions.

I am happy with the lure of Scandanavian names with ‘designers’ pictures beside them that make them look all conquering and cutting edge .. ‘Henskiv’ and ‘Avsikt’ are Sweedish and nothing but, they mean mystery and fine lines to me .. in Sweedish they might read ‘Sucker’ and ‘Gullable’ but I’m not that educated to tell so I’m buying the lifestyle.

With the arrival of the new 2007 catalogue through the door and me thinking I need a new side table for my sofa, I started browsing. Having bought half the contents of the previous 5 years catalogues there wasn’t much else I needed, but I found the exact table for me. It was height adjustable, curvy and stylish .. only one problem .. they have obviously run out of names in Stockholm .. my table is called .. wait for it … ‘Dave’ !!

Bollocks. It was probably designed by a bloke working in the neighbouring Essex Industrial Estate in his lunch hour .. I can wait for another table.



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