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Strike Twice .. August 17, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

The laws of probability are with me on this one. It is highly unlikely to the power of a number of millions that lightning will strike the same person more than one in his/her lifetime ..

Last night we had the storm of all storms. I usually sleep through such things and even when I do wake up I listen attentively to the patter of rain and then drift back off. Last night was different though.

The rain was so hard last night that both Michaela and me were woken way before any thunder claps. It was amazing, nearly denting car roofs and sweeping away the dirt and grime of the day in a torrent like fashion. The drains were buckling under the pressure and visibility was down to a few yards. Quite exciting to watch.

When the Thunder and Lightning started the whole sky was in full illuminated glory. The first major strike impressed & seemed to last for ages, the second was a direct hit .. I have never witnessed my house shaking as if being lifted from below, the venetian blinds to my bedroom were smoking and our bodies leapt nearly 3ft above the bed by the shock .. a natural high indeed .. I scraped my pounding heart off the ceiling and comforted a petrified girlfriend .. it was quite something.

We giggled our way back to sleep and I resisted getting too close to the window.

It was only when I went to turn the PC on this morning that I confirmed we had been hit for sure – lots of flashing lights on the routers that aren’t usually there, no broadband at all and my very nice looking soundcard looking somewhat frazzled .. <sob>



1. surly girl - August 18, 2006

blimey. no wonder it made our house rattle then, and it knocked our router out as well…..

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