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Cars Geeks n’ Snipers .. August 15, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

My weekend was packed full of kids stuff. I had my Mum over for Tea on Friday night and we collectively attempted to watch Matador on DVD. It is a fantastic film, Mic and I watched it in full last night, great acting by Pierce Brosnan with a clever storyline of sleazy assassin made good in a black comedic kind of way. Not at all suitable for the kids though, so after the 10th or 11th super sleazy comment and a lead in sketch into a bi-sexual Brothel, I decided it was time to divert to an alternative movie .. I had previously allowed Cert 15 films on the basis that most TV these days is approaching that level and they seem to get to see stuff round friends houses anyway .. but this one was a bit wide of the liberal parenting mark ..

Saturday the kids and I went for a bike ride & then went to ‘Geeks Club’ in the afternoon .. an affectionate term for a Yu-Gi-Oh challenge in a Scout Hut on the other-side of town – it is full of geeks, in the nicest possible sense of the word, imagine the Comic Book Storeowner in the Simpsons and take 20 years off them and there you have the clientele .. but the kids love it & always come out with a grin. It’s great to see your kids happily run into a room and have banter with teenagers that they have acquainted over the past few months & then barter on level terms .. heart-warming.

Saturday night we had planned to go to the Destruction Derbywhich I was very excited about. The kids had been building up to it as well. It’s a fantastic mix of the social and un-social spectrum of life .. plus cars get smashed up too! However, the weather had different ideas and I didn’t fancy getting my hair wet. Plan B wasn’t bad though .. we went to see Cars the movie instead – plus as it was the kids first time at a late showing, it was all very exciting .. I’m not sure I considered fighting through crowds of pissed teenagers on the way back to the car amusing, but I did laugh nonetheless.

Sunday we went for a long bike ride, visited the local Library (for the 1st time) .. Dylan pointed out that he hadn’t ever been to Library which hit the guilt strings as we passed. It is a difficult age for Libraries .. obviously I support their aims and purpose and if you cannot afford to buy books then they are a great resource, but .. books are so cheap these days, largely to the detriment of small independent book stores, but cheap all the same .. so I would never think to visit a Library myself & I tend to read a fair few books too. As a kid I always felt under pressure to read books quickly to avoid the penalties at the Library desk, so living without that fear and buying the cheap books that I need has resulted in my kids never having visited a Library – I should feel ashamed, I know, but I do use public transport, so have some moral house points in my bag to ease the guilt..

We then packed bags and headed to the park and met Michaela to play Frisbee and football – hard work and most amusing on a slippery hill 🙂

So ends another weekend .. I love weekends ..



1. Ria - August 16, 2006

I love the library, suits me as I get bored of things quickly, just return them, I like DVDs, Music ect from the library too, you must make time for this and learn to take advantage of the library services, check out your local libraries on line! (nobody makes the ‘shhhh’ noise anymore)

2. stagedive - August 16, 2006

Haha .. Good for you Ria, but DVDs come to my door via on-line rental (less than the cost at my local library)and music is downloaded at next to no cost .. plus the Library doesn’t stock German Post War Black Comedies or the latest Fugazi live bootleg, and why would they as it would only be me interested .. and I can tell myself to ‘Shhh’ too .. I’m still not convinced its for me.

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