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Happy in the haze of a drunken shower .. August 7, 2006

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The weekend flew by in a haze, either an alcoholic haze, the kind that reminds you that there was a time when you could recover in less than 24 hours .. or a haze of energetic speed, two wheeled pedal power, fresh summer meadows & nice food by the river ..

Friday night JC and I did an attempted pub crawl. It was a case of the fellow from the Twix advert, always travelling to the same welcoming but largely vanilla flavoured bar in town each night out & occasionally the need arises to check out the competition. We started at the Fat Cat, a brilliant pub where you literally spit on the sawdust as a right of passage. Ales to chew on and pork scratchings in 7 varieties .. probably. Its such a good atmosphere in there and everyone in there always seems at ease. A brilliant summers eve in the beer garden and a pint or two later we headed for The Dove. Now the Dove has all the right ingredients to be a great pub; top Landlord, staff, real beer, great building, good location etc .. but the clientele looked too much like my staff restaurant for a Friday night of getting away from it all – there was no one, bar staff excluded that wasn’t male, fat, bald, forty and wearing sandals – most with socks. It was a bit off putting. We moved on, which was a pity cos the pub itself is great. We then ended up spending most of the evening in Churchs, which is always a pleasure. It was a nice enough night to sit outside and watch the world and all that it sends.

That might all sound a bit like a tourist information film for a night out in Ipswich, but to be honest, a combination of those three, probably would be what I would recommend the humble visitor.

The night then hit the inevitable ‘seems like a good idea when your pissed’ stage, and I met up with Michaela and we headed to Furry for a boogie and some foolish, unnecessary extra beers. It was very good fun in that the tunes where there, we met a load of people to chat too and dance with in an uncontrolled manner (me that is, not an ex co-op junior), but ultimately it was foolhardy .. We got home at stupid o’clock and due to the inconsiderate parking regulation around Ipswich Town Centre, I had to get up at stupid o’clock to move my car off yellow lines .. ouch that hurt.

Saturday was the hurt. Sore head for most of the daylight hours, followed by a Scooter ride in to Town and a wander round coffee-shops and magazine shops whilst Michaela had a radical hair cut for very little money .. thats sarcasm folks .. Girls, I’m generalising, always look great after a haircut, but it never really looks that different and always seems to cost a shed load of cash, Suffice to say, Michaela did look great after her haircut, in the same way that she did before, and it ‘probably’ did cost a shed load of cash.

We then went out for food. After a couple of top visits to Trongs of late, we decided to try Temptation, a buffet style emporium that offers an all inclusive menu for circa £10. Great news if you want to eat a lot, but not so great when all the food is the consistency of paper paste, has a greyish tinge and tastes strongly of MSG. No mock duck either, obviously. I wasn’t impressed & ate very little, salivated at the thought of the Trongs menu board and needed a milkshake on the way home to hit the spot.

Watched Date Moviefor light relief in the evening. It was simple and to the point, but wore very thin, very quickly. The scatter-gun of gags meant that some hit and made me laugh hysterically. The cat on the toilet sketch made Michaela fall off the sofa par example, but it was a 30 min sketch show rather than a movie full of ideas.

Sunday was back to life day .. I feel great and the world is going to know it, kind of day. Michaela and I went out on a mammoth bike ride in the sunshine. We visited Waldringfield for lunch and ate at the Maybush by the river. The feeling of having earned the right to eat lots of food certainly makes it taste that much better .. and after the disappointment of Chinese the day before, I was in happy town .. Mmmm .. I am starting to turn this into the CAMRA guide for East Anglia, but great food, great beers ..

The bike ride home took a little longer than the approach, but it was all worth it, and the self righteous feeling of the homecoming was oh so sweet.

Sunday evening I met the boy Trenter for another bike ride to the pub for an evening of catch up, sarcasm, tea and sympathy. Well in reality we both talked crap and made plans for another covers band that might not, might possibly never happen – whilst getting slightly merry in the process. They are the best bands ever those ones. It was a very nice evening and a pleasure as always.

Today was work work work. Not before getting the kids back home after their week away. It was lovely to see them again, and they said they really missed me too. I got gifts, a Buddha playing a sitar type thing, an ‘I love Dad’ stick of rock and a ‘Thank You Dad – for being great’ place mat .. which was all very sweet of them. I am great though, so I deserve it ..



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