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This Beautiful Creature .. July 24, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

It has been a busy week for me. I have by rights, for the first time in a while, felt that I have earned the wage packet this week. In a working life it is good to get a few personal victories to keep the enthusiasm. Even if the bubble of my working corporate lifestyle has little in benefit to the fighting in the middle east or the state of the NHS, in my bubble there are still battles to be won, and when you win some, it helps ..

I had the pleasure of the heatwave in London last week. I picked out the most micro-fine of shirts that I owned and walked at a moderate pace to the office, rather than the iPod fuelled yomp that I normally partake. Sweaty office types ducking out for cigarettes and then dashing back to their air con, tourists in sun hats hastily bought at a souvenir stall when they realised that the UK doesn’t always have rain.. it was a merry sight.

Work aside, I opted for swimming rather than the gym last week, on the basis that my cheap as chips gym admission doesn’t include the price of air con, and swimming has an advantage on days like that.. the sight of 3 of the 4 cross trainers full of dripping, sweaty, stinky, overweight, 40 somethings at the start of the week put me off using the unused one..

The weekend was a good one. Friday night was perfect. Boys night outs tend to be beer focused, and if food is involved, Pizza wolfed at an alarming rate to get to the beers is the norm. So my suggestion of an upmarket leisurely evening at Trongs worked wonders .. 3 hours of eating, gossip and sarcasm was great .. Trongs is definitely my favourite Chinese I have ever been to in any city, and fortunately it is in my home town .. Mock or Monk Duck, a veggie equivalent is top drawer .. we even made it out for a couple of beers afterwards too.

Saturday I spent the day helping Michaela move house. We picked the rental van up and arsed about for an age getting food and making excuses. Then the two trip across town in searing heatwave were enough for us to break out into a withered heap. There wasn’t that much stuff to move, one rooms worth and the obligatory clothes and shoes overload, but the heat certainly had an effect. It’s a lovely new house and much better area to live than where she used to be, I hope she settles in quickly.

We ate Tai in the evening – aren’t I the oriental. We watched the film Beautiful Creatures, and then collapsed. A very good film and Miss Weiss played her part really well, as well as looking the part ..

Yesterday a lie in, some chores, breakfast in bed and then a trip to Orford. It’s a lovely quintessential English village that just doesn’t seem to change. I love the fact that Cafe life is restricted to one old shack and the village store is as big as a generous en-suite. On a sunny day the place really comes alive with village charm. Drinks in the sunshine and admiring the boats on the river was a great way to spend a Sunday ..

Welcome (back) to the working week ..



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[…] We then went out for food. After a couple of top visits to Trongs of late, we decided to try Temptation, a buffet style emporium that offers an all inclusive menu for circa £10. Great news if you want to eat a lot, but not so great when all the food is the consistency of paper paste, has a greyish tinge and tastes strongly of MSG. No mock duck either, obviously. I wasn’t impressed & ate very little, salivated at the thought of the Trongs menu board and needed a milkshake on the way home to hit the spot. […]

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