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Orange Crush .. July 3, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

The weekend was a hot one. I’m not much of a fan of extreme heat and find myself scrambling for shade. If only for a thermostat on days like those .. and now we are in for a heatwave all week, when work has to be done. Saturday myself and the kids went for a bike ride to then get back in time for the misery of English National football. they had some friends round and we had pizza and expensive ice cream .. it was good fun aside from the result .. watched an awful film in the evening, but the kids enjoyed it.

We played Music In the Park yesterday, a multi stage annual music gathering in Ipswich’s largest public space. It was a good gig, people seemed to enjoy it, there were quite a few people singing along at the front too which was good. Too hot tho to sit in the sun, so most people hit the safety of the shade. I liked Skaface who seemed to play the entirety of the two Specials LPs & Whisker Chaser were good fun with their Bagpipe Punk.

It was a good weekend .. aside from another pet casualty ..

I fed the fish this morning after the kids went to school and noticed 4 not 5 hungry faces staring at me .. I looked for a floater, or the way fish swim upside down and twisted before the kick it, but neither of these .. I then jumped back slightly startled to see a very dried up orange splat on the worktop .. think he might have been there a while! How he managed to leap from the top of the tank tho with a lip around the top at least 3 inches high I don’t know .. definitely dead tho!

Happy Monday ..



1. Donna - July 3, 2006

Would it be unfair/unjust to point out that the average age of the “people singing along at the front” was around 7? 😉 Get them hooked young … It was a fab day … and it was an emotional moment watching my sons proudly watching their Dad proudly watching his sons watching him and his band.

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