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Phone Anger .. June 30, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

I consider myself top be relatively of the moment in terms of technology, I am certainly not an early adopter (I get burnt with Mini Disc), but usually keen to get in before the masses. Mobile Phones are however one the areas of technology that pass me by .. I want a phone that looks good, is easy to use, not too heavy and can make phone calls ..

These days the focus seems to be well away from all of that, aside from the looks .. I don’t want a camera that is inferior to the camera that I own, I don’t want an MP3 player that is smaller and the wrong format to my iPod & I don’t ever intend to make grainy videos on my phone .. just let me make phone calls without having to weave round a bunch of menus that I never want to see..

This may all have been formed by working for a communications company and having free mobile calls as a perk of the job, but I do wish phone producers would wait until they have a camera/video to match that of a stand alone, an MP3 player to replace my ipod & a phone that makes calls easily before they throw all the useless gadgets on me .. 

Aside from that, life is one big happy smiley sunny day ..



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