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The greatest dancer .. June 27, 2006

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They are not just ripped, the garment that was once a pair of smart slacks, is now two pieces of flimsy fabric that best resemble quick release Velcro stripper pants ..

The weekend was good fun. Friday night was a quiet drink or two in Keo Garden, taking in the balmy evening air. A relatively mellow affair, just chatting, no hangover, no late night.

Saturday was ideal scooter weather, went for a long ride into town via the country roads, shopped for a couple of hours, bought myself a bow tie and then headed home to get ready for the evenings events..

The evening was a joint 40th Birthday Party. A black-tie occasion in a hotel in Essex. Pip had made the kindly offer to drive the distance enabling the rest of us to drink to our hearts content .. our hosts were also kind enough (overly kind) to provide a free bar, so it would have rude to decline such an offer.

Dressed up to the nines, tens and twelves, it was a big crowd in attendance. It was really good to see people making the effort. The birthday boy and girl, one a close friend the other a friend of a friend, were doing their utmost to meet greet and keep people amused .. not a difficult task when the bar is free and the DJ is playing chintz hits of the 80’s I have to say, but they did a grand job.

It was a great night for chatting/catching up with people that I rarely get to see, some of whom I’d like to see more, as well as giving and taking too much sarcasm to those that I do see on numerous occasions whose jokes just don’t get any better ..

There was a level of general high drunken feeling & the dance floor was full, pretty much from the off. Everyone seemed to be digging the Black Tie vibe. My defining moment came toward the end of the evening when they resorted to playing footy songs. I had just previously done a merry two step round the dance floor & was about to head outside to catch up on the chatter when I decided on one last leap around. I foolishly decided to choose the only person in the room that was/is 7ft 7in as a dance partner. I leaped, he leaped, my legs did that ballet type splits manoeuvre in full flight and the result would have rendered the judging public speechless .. if only my suit trousers hadn’t decided that doing the splits is not the done thing in a Dinner Jacket .. suffice to say, they had succumb to the laws of physics ..

The split in the back of trousers felt minor, and given that it was the end of the evening not insurmountable. Sure I had a queue of people lying on the floor in hysterics around me, digital cameras clicking frantically, but you get that in life sometimes ..

It wasn’t until the next day (after Michaela invited everyone back to hers and then fell asleep in the car, oh and then fell on top of the car getting out) when I woke in a haze, gathered my things together and spotted the damage. The rip was the full destruction of the seam, if my buttocks were not so pert (ahem) I could easily have fallen through the base of my trousers. How do I explain that to the seamstress – ‘oh it snagged on a chair’ ..

Still, you take chances in life that sometimes come off, sometimes don’t .. I seem to be able to pick the top moments for the ones that don’t. I suspect that if you google, ‘hot dancer type suave sophisticated dinner jacket good looking trouser nightmare’, you will get to see the results too ..

It’s over now ..

Sunday I decorated, watched football, hurrah, and then watched Munich .. at two and half hours long, it was twice the length I think it needed to be, but well put together. It also worked well in focusing in on the events after the hostage taking, which has been covered in full elsewhere. Not the most uplifting Sunday night movie, but given the recent news in the middle east, it seemed quite timely.



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