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Please Sir .. June 21, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

I hosted a few friends to watch the football last night and had a house over-run by salted snacks and pizza wrappers. It was very good fun and really nice to see everyone. Big screen football, warm summers evening & some close friends is a good way to spend the week. 

The kids stayed up in their newly acquired England shirts (thanks Auntie Jane) & were both very well behaved. JEly even provided a life-saving entrance fee of a jar of Peanut Butter which was most kind and extremely welcome.

I went to bed fairly late after staying up chatting and had one of those tear jerking, proud parent moments. I'm not sure if these become heightened after losing your own parents (or Dad in my case), but I often find myself questioning how my Parents saw me as a kid .. I digress .. Dylan awoke as I climbed the stairs and sat on the edge of his bed in a sleepy haze, he looked up and asked sheepishly if he could go to the toilet – he often asks that, as if it is a treat for good behaviour <bless>. I helped him on his way and as he came out of the bathroom he looked up, still squinting with sleep, lightly grinned and said 'love you dad, goodnight' and walked back to bed .. all simple everyday life, but I was sufficiently touched to pause for thought, I am also wise enough to know that you can blink & watch the years pass so quick that you forget that moments like that are what being a parent is all about.

I am very proud of my kids, as are most parents, I love spending time with them not just because I am their Dad, but they are growing up, their personalities are developing & they are great fun to be with. I have a poor memory for most things and aside from travelling daily with a camcorder need to ensure I don't forget stuff like that .. I somehow doubt I will.



1. Donna - June 22, 2006

Ah, that might account for the tired, grumpy kid I picked up from Afterschool Club last night (Dylan) … he looked like he’d lost the will to live. Although it could equally have been the prospect of his swimming lesson. I had had to endure the “Why do we have to go swimming?” conversation that is now a regular thing. The swimming club is getting more and more disorganised each week too. I’m either gonna have to complain or just stop taking them.

They cheered up though when Andy took them to the lotty and they picked strawberries for ‘afters’ – our first child-friendly produce!!

2. stagedive - June 23, 2006

They were warned not to be tired the next day, that was the terms and conditions 😉 … sorry

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