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Peanut Butter envy .. June 12, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Like any addiction, it should be taken seriously .. I am now nearing the bottom of my last jar of Jif Peanut Butter, and am not looking forward to the inevitable ..

It all started when I was on holiday with a friend of mine in Canada and the US, who insisted on stocking up on 'Jif' .. at the time I could be considered a social peanut butter recipient but nothing more. 'Our son Pat' was nothing more than a TV ad to me .. but at that moment, naturally after riduculing him on the basis that it can't be that nice cos' they only sell it in Wal-Mart and the discount stores, I took the plunge .. you shouldn't criticise what you haven't tried etc .. Now isn't that exactly how the Class A dealers start, low prices in deprived areas, get them hooked and them watch them suffer?

On return home, I enjoyed the experience sufficiently enough that on my next trip I bought some Reeces' and a larger tub of Jif – still social, but up-ing the anti .. there was no come down after the jar ended & the entire experience was positive..

I have visited the States three times since, and you guessed it, the wanting has grown .. arrrrrgggghhhh …

In February, I bought the most enormous bucket full of Peanut Butter that even the over eating, super-size me generation would gulp at .. and it lasted 4 months .. that's not bad in terms of intake, but that's also 4 months worth of daily intake – now I'm really going to suffer ..

Picture me in the corner of my darkened living room with a cocktail stick, unhingeing the last dried out scrapings from under the lid .. in a scene not too disimilar to Papillon ..

In case anyone points out that you can buy Peanut Butter in UK stores, the reply has to be, 'it just isn't the same' .. what I really need is for a Jif executive to reading this and kindly sponser my blog, sending me a truck load round to my house via FedEx .. In the unlikely event that this does not occur, I'll start saving my airfare ..



1. JEly - June 12, 2006

I may be able to help you here…. cos I still have a crunchy jar available that I could sell to you with a suitable margin of course!!! 🙂

2. STaGediVe » Please Sir .. - June 21, 2006

[…] The kids stayed up in their newly acquired England shirts (thanks Auntie Jane) & were both very well behaved. JEly even provided a life-saving entrance fee of a jar of Peanut Butter which was most kind and extremely welcome. […]

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