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Sunstreak Avenger .. June 7, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Kids.

I looked in the mirror yesterday morning and I was hungover, sunburnt and peeling .. it was a pretty sight. How can I go to Scotland and get sun-burnt .. what happened to the rain and wind and melencoly? I had Belle and Sebastian on my iPod, not Summer Party Mix.

My sunburn is such that I must have been squinting my way through Saturday, and the wrinkles around my eyes (although there are few) have remained white in a tie-dye arrangement. If I had imagination, I could be classified a super hero with flame-like white streaks cutting out from my pupils .. in reality, I just look like a bloke that was squinting in the sun too long.

I have recently been asked to mentor a number of people at work and my hungover, sunburnt self was hauling my sorry ass from person to person yesterday, looking to inspire them to great things .. if the role was optional I think they might take back the keys.

I went through all the things I would do in their position, and grinned through a pained expression .. miraculously, without fail, they thanked me kindly and went on there way .. no doubt they will all become a great success in their careers now and thank me in their memoirs.

Today is a better day. It was my Mothers birthday last night and me and the kids bought take-out and cakes round to her and had a really nice time. Kids were perfectly behaved and that even stretched to this morning when my youngest came in bed and gave me a hug this morning having gotten himself completely ready for school, he then made my bed for me whilst I was in the shower and then emptied the dishwasher whilst I made breakfast .. all unrequested and unpaid .. I am still awkwardly stunned ..



1. Donna - June 7, 2006

That’s plain not fair … He never ever does that for me 😦

2. Donna - June 8, 2006

I mentioned Dyl being so helpful to Dad … and guess what?

He got up and emptied my dishwasher this morning too. What a great little guy …

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