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That’s what I went to School for .. June 6, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

School reunion last night. It was 20 years ago today and all that ..

Monday night isn't the best idea for partying and suffice to say I misjudged the correct number of beers to drink and feel like someone has whacked me over the head with a large metal object.

It was very nice to meet up with folks, many of whom I last saw at the 10 year reunion. Not too many casualties of life either, but maybe they just stayed away. I got to see some pictures of a school trip to the peak district when I was 13 .. sigh .. I was a cute kid .. ahem ..

I was also informed by one girl that we used to date (in a 12 year old sense of the word), but I really didn't remember that .. natuarally I didn't admit to the fact, but it does raise the question of what else don't I remember? Maybe my parallel universe is hip and happening?!

One girl had recently become a Grandma, aged 35, another guy had been in the Army frontline for 22 years & another had tuned in and dropped out and picked Aspagaus for a living .. cool ..

It further restored my faith in human kindness and had some heart warming chats with happy smiley people, many of whom I couldn't even remember their name ..



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