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Postcards from Hanoi .. June 6, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Music, Reviews.

I have had a pretty fine few days all told.. from viewing herion addiction in the eye, to toying with the five star luxuries ala Jackie O in the space of 72 hours .. I had better do this in stages ..

Thursday night I had the pleasure of a trip to see Hanoi Rocks in Norwich. My former PVC trouser clad friend picked me up in his 'flash new motor'. I am not a car person, and plainly neither is he, as he has purchased a Jag whilst in his mid-thirties!It is the perfect car to provide your friends with heaps of sarcasm material, and yet, I have to admit, it was pretty cool in an Arthur Daley kitsch kinda way..

I got to hear a couple of songs from their 'new' album and they are poor, but we did also play along with a couple of songs from 'All Those Wasted Years' from the mid eighties and I found my subconsious mind remembering all the words and getting firmly in the glam zone .. 

Entering the Waterfront you could taste, see and smell the nostalgia written on everyone's faces. There was not a recent convert in the house, it was pure 30 something bliss .. a trip down memory lane of Thuderbird Wine and hair that required hairspray (what was I thinking?! .. oh hold on, I had a skinhead).

Support came from former Wildhearts frontman Ginger. I wasn't a Wildhearts fan so wasn't expecting too much, but in stripped down acoustic mode there were some great songs, lyrically clever and both he and the other bloke sang really well together. We were all impressed..

The main event and Hanoi Rocks take the stage – gulp .. I felt 15 again, but Mike Monroe looked 55 so perhaps feeling 25 for me would have been more realistic. Feathers on the mic stand, drugs in the veins .. Andy McCoy talked between songs and you couldn't even decifer his nationality, let alone the words and phrases .. wasted. To think this guy was and icon and roll model to a number of my friends and guitar buddies in my teens .. no wonder they all turned out so good .. ho hum .. 

The 2 surviving members from the original line up lived up to their respective reputations and given that their heyday was 20 years ago, they did a pretty good job of convincing the rest of us they could still cut it. Throwing themselves from stage right to stage left and diving head first in to the dressing up box, they did put on a show. The second guitarist held things together a bit when McCoy fell apart and even the new songs fitted in the live setting much better than I had expected. I almost had a tear in my eye when they played 'Don't you ever leave me' ..

A great night out, despite the traffic wardens eagerness to bless the Jag with a parking ticket on our return .. no respect



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